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Montessori Chestermere Preschool – Enlighten Your Child’s MindMontessori Chestermere Preschool – Enlighten Your Child’s Mind

Montessori Preschools and its teaching methods have been around for nearly 100 years and have taught some the world’s brightest minds including; Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon), Sean “P Diddy” Combs (Artist/Singer), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Founders of Google). Invest in your child’s future with the best and most effective teaching methods that have been used for a very long time!

Information about our Montessori Chestermere Preschool

Information about our Montessori Chestermere Preschool
At our Montessori Chestermere Preschool our main goal for you child is to surround them with an environment that helps them gain independence, self-esteem and a sense of community. Our Montessori teaching methods are designed to uncover each child’s unique abilities through freedom, respect, and consistency. Lessons with our Chestermere Montessori Academy’s materials refine your child’s senses and build intelligence through methods of isolation and movement. It is proven that the Montessori approach allows for the holistic development of children while instilling the joy of learning.


The Montessori Chestermere Preschool Program


The Prepared Environment:

At our Chestermere Preschool our classrooms has materials that allows children to explore their world, develop their cognitive ability and provide them with the freedom to choose.


Practical Life:

These lessons allow the child to control their fine gross motor skills, develop their ability to concentrate and to adapt to their society.


Sensorial Materials:

Helps the child acquire clear, conscious information, then making classifications in his environment through his senses. Through this the child starts to organize his intelligence, which then leads to adapting to his environment.


Language Materials:

The Montessori Chestermere Preschool’s 3-6 classroom is a natural extension of the patterns of communication the child has already absorbed. Through every conversation, every book read aloud and every new word that is taught.


Mathematical Materials:

Math is logic, sequence, order and truth. In Montessori’s philosophy it’s stated that the child has a mathematical mind. Everything we teach at our Montessori Chestermere preschool assists the child in understanding math.



At our Montessori preschool in Chestermere our Geography is the study of the earth’s features and the cultures that were developed in various parts of the world. Our approach begins with the child’s home culture, and then expands to other cultures around the world.


Botany & Zoology:

The interest in nature is a natural thing in everyone. Children have a great, natural interest in living things and biology is the study of living organisms, plants and animals. We teach your child the basics on these topics at our preschool in Chestermere.



In the primary classroom the child will learn the art of his own culture then compare it to the art of other cultures. This process will leads to the creation of his individual art. Art is an avenue for self-expression and communication.


Pricing details for our Montessori Chestermere Preschool

  • 5 Day Program: $550/Month
  • 4 Day Program: $450/Month
  • 3 Day Program: $350/Month

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