Invest in Your Child’s Future With a Montessori Education at our Chestermere Preschool

Within our Chestermere preschool we offer everything you will need for the best and most convenient experience for both yourself and your child. Aside from our Montessori Preschool Program we also offer our Out of School Program, Transportation Services and our Summer Camp to help you year round.

What is a Montessori Education?What is a Montessori Education

Chestermere Montessori Academy and its teachings is a great start for your child at an early age. A Montessori education is both a philosophy of child development and a rationale for quality in that development. These teachings seeded from the original Maria Montessori who emphasized on the importance of the development of a healthy self-concept. Our teaching methods are not the same of any ordinary preschool, we focus on the growth and self independence of your child to help them progress in life as they age.

Why Our Teaching Methods are Effective?Why Our Teaching Methods are Effective

We surround your child with an environment that fosters independence, build self-esteem and establish a sense of community within our Montessori Preschool. Nearly 100 years later from the founding of our teaching methods from Dr. Maria Montessori it still seen as the most effective ways to educate children between the ages of 3-6 years old.

Benefits of our Montessori Chestermere Preschool Programs for Your Child:

Fosters Independence:Fosters Independence

Everything in our classrooms revolves around the independence of your child. Most things adults do for children are taught to them at our Montessori Chestermere Preschool. We give your child complete control of completing a task how they want to complete it. The sense of a child accomplishing a task without the help of an adult at such an early age is remarkable and that is exactly what we strive to accomplish with your children.

Cooperative Play:Cooperative Play

A major focus in our programs is the development of good social skills in addition to academic skills as they are both necessary to be successful. Our teachers at Chestermere Montessori Academy are trained to allow the children to work together; this helps build a sense of community within the classroom. Fostering good social skills and learning to work with others is a key for success for any individual.

Inspires Creativity:Inspires Creativity

Within our Montessori Chestermere preschool programs we inspire creativity as we allow the children to choose their own activities and approach them on their own terms. Our classroom is designed for children to work on a project because they enjoy the work, not because it has to be completed, which allows them to work with passion and focus more on process rather than result. This being a great start to creativity.

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